Welcome to the website of British musician Jon Hunt

Jon is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from London.

He's also Carcrash Casino's singer, guitarist and songwriter.


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"Terrific" - Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music
"Prog-pop and kitchen-sink poetry at their most captivating" - Classic Rock magazine
"Fantastic - Sheer Englishness" - Francis Dunnery

"With influences as diverse as Britpop, prog, post-rock and indie and much more, this compilation is the sound of a muse in a blender. As such it is stylistically diverse, but it works as a whole rather well, for it is held together by a keen ear for a tune and wryly observational and archetypal English lyrics often distilled through a metaphorical raindrop flecked window, keeping alive a modern pop tradition that goes back to the likes of Ray Davies" - Astounded By Sound

'Morning Sun' is Jon Hunt's 14-track compilation from his three 'jh' albums. Stream tracks and order HERE!

'Morning Sun' compilation album sampler. 2015.

London Road. Eight-track suite from 'Wanderlust' album. 2011. *PARENTAL ADVISORY*

The Sky Is Breaking. Single taken from 'So Much Promise' album. 2013.

Next Time. Single taken from 'Wanderlust' album. 2011.

Lucy's Party. Single taken from 'Wanderlust' album. 2011.

Making Tea Is Freedom. 18-minute epic taken from 'Truth & Bullshit' album. 2008. *PARENTAL ADVISORY*

Inside Your Head by Messiah's Sister. Co-writer, keyboards, mandolin & backing vocals. 2013.